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BarBox Standard Bartender Kit in Military Green Wooden Crate (29-piece)(Rose Gold)

Rs. 9,000.00
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  • Premium extensive bar accessories collection: Other than the necessary cocktail shaker, jigger, and muddler, this includes 1 peg measurer, 1 bar compass, 6 stainless steel whiskey stones, 4 whiskey spheres, 2 whiskey crystal glasses, 1 bottle pourer, 2 beer chiller sticks, 1 wine chiller stick, 2 garnish picks, 2 stainless steel straws , 750 ml Cocktail shaker , Muddler , Bar spoon , Hathrow strainer , Peg Measurer.
  • Good quality whiskey spheres: These Italian Marble spheres are completely non-porous, odorless, and inert. Hence, unlike ice cubes, they don’t absorb any smell in the freezer. You don’t even have to worry about ‘watery’ whiskey once ice cubes melt into it.
  • Stainless steel chilling whiskey stones: You wouldn’t need ice cubes or ice bucket even when you buy this bar accessories kit. We have offered an extensive array of chillers in this bar kit. The stones have non-toxic coolant that is completely sealed.
  • Beer chiller and wine chiller sticks: We have provided all sorts of drink chillers for you, be it for wine, beer, or whiskey. You can use these chillers in your other drinks too.
  • Unique gift: Perfect gift for father or your childhood buddy. They will definitely remember this more than a plain jane wallet or cologne!