BarBox Compact Bartender Kit in Military Green Wooden Crate. (19-piece)

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Bar Box is the world’s best portable chiller set and is conveniently packed in a handmade military crate wooden box which looks very stylish and is definitely a conversation starter, it is the perfect gift for your Husband, Dad and your Boss too. There is nothing more you would want out of a bar set, it compliments stylishly to all forms of liquor beverage, having an impromptu party at your place, no need to worry anymore that’s why we at Bar Box created the perfect solution so that connoisseurs and fine liquor aficionados can enjoy their favourite drink be it whiskey, wine, beer or cocktails Bar Box has chilling solutions for all of them.Bar Box has everything you need to concoct a glass of Manhattan , Amaretto sour , Gin and tonic or Old Fashioned.


Bar Box contains:

4 Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

4 Whiskey Sphere

2 Whiskey Crystal Glass

2 Beer Chiller Stick

1 Wine Chiller Stick

2 Garnish Picks

2 Stainless Steel Straws