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The Legend of BAR BOX

Bar Box is an e-commerce start-up focussed on providing convenient and chic bar accessories for stay-at-home bartenders. Bar Box kits are carefully curated to contain all that is needed to concoct any classic cocktail at home.


You don’t need to be a great bartender to serve yourself that perfect manhattan you’ve been longing to sip on. You also don’t need to struggle with make-shift shakers and jiggers to elevate your in-home drinking experience. All you need is a BAR BOX!

One of India’s first e-commerce platforms, BAR BOX houses more than 30 varieties of bar kits artfully created with both design and utility in mind.
BAR BOX is the perfect one-stop solution for anyone planning to set up their own home bar, for someone looking for a unique gift. From providing convenient and chic bar accessories to well-designed travelling boxes, Bar Box kits contain all that is needed to concoct any classic cocktail at home.

The Conception of Bar Box

For Pratik Goyal, a terrible Margarita experience at a popular shack in Goa was the ‘Eureka’ moment. While working the corporate circuit in Goa, exploring bad to worse cocktails across locations, Pratik decided to become his own bartender, only to stumble upon a scattered, inconvenient experience of
shopping bar tools. The selection of bar tools available online were extremely limited, forcing him to assemble his own cocktail and bar kit, thereby paving the way for BAR BOX’s conceptualization in 2019.
Realising the need for providing a better drinking experience, Pratik took a plunge and quit his six-years old corporate job to launch BAR BOX.


The Business Model

Initially designed for bar connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts, Bar Box offered two uniquely curated cocktail kits containing rare whiskey stones, beer chillers, bar compasses, whiskey spheres and a wide range of interesting bar tools apart from the regular jiggers, shakers, and muddlers. The business initially launched to position itself as a luxury gift for friends and family. However, the outbreak of the pandemic and strict lockdowns transitioned the brand into a problem solver when BAR BOX became the go-to partner of every home bound individual looking for new ways to unwind.

With pubs and bars closed to the public, there was a rising need amongst the population for tools to make and enjoy those drinks at home that they would otherwise enjoy at their favourite bars. Hence, BAR BOX quickly expanded to include compact, daily-use bartending kits that patrons could use to stir up a great cocktail at home.

At present, the business has grown to include more than thirty different bartending kits, tools, and cocktail accessories designed for specific occasions and spirits.

Apart from its own website, all of BAR BOX’s products are available for purchase on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and MensXP.