BarBox Portable leather Bar cabinet (16-Pcs)(Brown -Rose Gold)

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This bar kit has all the essential bar tools you will need to mix and enjoy a good drink on a day out. We have included 4 fine quality Italian glasses, 1 cocktail shaker, 1 muddler, 30-60 ml double sided jigger, Heathrow strainer, 1 julep strainer, 1 mesh strainer, 2 stainless steel straws, 1 bar blade opener, 1 bar spoon, 1 bottle pourer, 1 ice tong, and cocktail recipe cards too. Added bonus! Prepare all the classic cocktails from Bloody Mary to Cosmopolitan with the help of our easy, userfriendly, and easy-to-follow cocktail recipe cards that we provide complimentary with this liquor set.