BarBox Matte Black BPA Free Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Lid – 1.5L with Lid

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Stainless Steel 3-Piece Ice Bucket for Home Bar by BAR BOX: Ideal for bar connoisseurs and home bar owners alike, this ice bucket is a sure shot way to enjoy a chilled drink at all times. Designed from BPA-free stainless steel, this safe-to-use, double-walled ice cube bucket is exceptionally durable and resilient, making it a perfect pick for long-time use. A matted black shade distinguishes this BAR BOX Ice Bucket along with a quirky ‘myriad cocktail’ print on the surface that offers a distinctive visual appeal. The three-piece ice holder set comes with a pair of tongs and an ice pick to ease the process of serving differently sized ice cubes. What’s more? This ice bucket can moonlight as a champagne bucket or wine bucket whenever needed to keep the bottles chilled throughout the day. A simple yet stylish gift box along with this set ensures that it also be the perfect gift for friends and family who have a knack for chilled cocktails.

The Ice Bucket Set includes:

1 x Ice Bucket with Lid

1 x Ice Scoop

1 x Tongs

Key Features :

  • EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY: BAR BOX Ice Bucket with Lid and Tongs is crafted from 100% BPA-free stainless steel that imparts remarkable durability to the design. The safe-to-use, stainless-steel build imparts strength, scratch-resistance and easy cleanability as well, preventing the fittings from falling off and making sure this ice holder can be used for a lifetime.
  • ENHANCED CAPACITY: With a capacity of 1.5 litres, this ice bucket can hold a considerable amount of ice cubes and crushed ice. So, be it just a chill day at home or hosting a party, this 1.5 ltr ice bucket will make sure you never rush out of ice for your delicious drinks.
  • LONGLASTING COOLING ACTION: Featuring a double-walled construction, this ice bucket for bar at homes has an insulating effect that keeps the ice frozen for longer hours. The matching lid also adds to the cooling action, ensuring that the ice cubes are usable even after hours inside the bucket.
  • HANDY BUILD: This ice holder is equipped with an easy-to-lift handle for effortless carrying along with a versatile appearance. The top handle is sturdy and hinged, allowing a subtle swing action. The bucket also comes with a pair of tongs and an ice-pick to efficiently serve the ice in whiskey or cocktail glasses.
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTING: Available in a set of three pieces, this home bar accessories set also comes with a spectacular gift box, thus making this accessory an ideal gifting option. Pack it in the gift box and present it to your cocktail-loving near and dear ones as a unique and convenient token of appreciation.